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I have recently come out as transgender male, and Im content with life now. My tumblr is StupidAddict, But I will be deleting this account or just never be on it again. Goodbye guys..!
I doubt I'll be on here ever again. Im on Tumblr and G+, and looking back on my old art compared to my art now, its depressing. Sorry guys. 


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*It had been a long day at the lab, but Carlos was quite happy with the work he and his team of scientists had done. The other scientists had already gone home; since Carlos wanted to stay and finish working on his rather large and intricate drawing of the word "Science" on the whiteboard (this one was different because it was written in a mixture of cursive and bubble letters along with various patterns and colors filling the individual letters). Once he was satisfied with the result, Carlos drew a series of pink, red, black, brown, and blue hearts around the word- or at least what he thought hearts looked like. At last, he put the markers down and began closing the lab down for the night- unfastening the windows from their walls and tossing them to the floor, unhooking the ceiling from its hanging place (the lab gave a sigh of relief and gave its thanks to Carlos for doing so by thinking "Thanks", and Carlos acknowledged it), and stepping outside into the dry, desert night. It was quiet tonight, the sky being a dark mauve color and the only noises coming from a rather large, blueish tentacle monster that was currently rolling down the street and heading for the Town Hall. It was probably nothing, he thought. He shivered a little and pulled his lab coat just a tad bit tighter around himself as it was a little chillier than usual.*
*"And remember.." Cecil said in his smooth voice, the one he was rather known for in his town. "We are all equal. Equally different, in the largest amount of small ways.." He gave a soft smile. "And as always, Goodnight, Nightvale... Goodnight." He sighed, slipping off his headphones as his show cut off, and loud sounds of static and screams of dying pre-teens covered the station. As usual. The blonde man made his way out of the building, covering himself in his dark purple trench coat, the one with violet and black tentacles spiraling up from the sides. He liked that coat.. If only he knew where it came from, and why it just randomly appeared in his station... Doesnt matter. Cecil silently pushed the door of the radio station open, walking out into the night. It was pretty late. But he was used to it. He always got out of work pretty late, anyway. He looked up at the flickering lights in the sky, sighing contently as he began to walk back to his home in the dark, his tattoos almost giving off a violet glow.
*Carlos began the long walk back to his own home, hands in his pockets and moving quickly. He had experiments of his own waiting for him back home- what, did you think that he did all of his experimentation at the lab? Well, you are sure wrong about that one- his home was where he did nearly all of his own individual research and minor experiments. Well, somewhat minor at least. He glanced around occasionally as he walks- Carlos wasn't one for walking slowly and meddling, he was more focused on hurrying to the next big scientific discovery and therefore paid little to no attention to his surroundings while he walked in the street. However, due to a mysterious hooded figure floating on the other side of the street, he'd have to go by another route in order to get home safely. Carlos looked up to see where he was going and at the end of the sidewalk he saw an all too familiar violent coat worn by that all too familiar head of platinum blond hair. He gulped and made a dive for the nearest building to hide behind, landing not as quietly as he'd hoped. Ever since hearing the radio for the first time in Night Vale- while he was unpacking his things and just getting to know his team of scientists- he'd always been rather shy about talking to the infamous and well-liked Cecil Gershwin Palmer. Granted, Carlos had admired him since day one (let's be real here, it was a small crush since the beginning and it grew a little bigger every time Carlos turned on the radio), but he was always
Carlos: rather shy and anxious when it came time to confront the man in person. He couldn't help it, he'd never had an actual crush before, or at least not one like this.*
*Cecil was going through different things in his mind. Unlike Carlos, he always enjoyed taking him time while walking home in the darkness. It let him clear his mind, or at least, that space in his head he called his mind. He was going through the past show, wondering who all was listening earlier. Part of him hoped Carlos, the perfect haired, dark skinned scientist who recently came into his town, was listening in. But he knew he was most likely busy with his science-y stuff. Cecil had always really liked Carlos. I mean, what wasnt there to like? A crush was obvious with him, and almost every day, when the blonde walked into work in the morning, he would get questions about the scientist, and every time this happened, Cecil's face would heat up and he would try to stutter out a response, but most of the time just quickly walked away from the floating patches of haze that asked him the question.
Cecil: The man heard a noise behind him, and quickly turned to look. He knew he heard something, but he just couldnt figure out what... "Hello...?" He called out softly. Normally all that was outside at night were the hooded figures, but they only whispered your death date to you, they never made noises like that.. Who could be out at this hour..?*
*Carlos came to the realization that perhaps he could talk to Cecil at that moment or just hide behind a bush and get his nice, new lab coat all filthy. He chose to do the former, due to not wanting to get his lab coat dirty. Obviously. Besides, it would be rather humiliating if Cecil saw him crouched behind a bush in a dirt and blood covered lab coat- everyone knows that bushes bleed whenever someone's hiding behind them. He took a deep breath and mumbled "For science." before standing up, staying behind the building and dusting off the dirt from his lab coat. Carlos then kneeled down and took out a test tube, scooping up a small amount of the dirt and capping it with a cork. He stood back up once more and stepped out from behind the building, looking around before spotting Cecil. Upon spotting him, he jumped a little and cleared his throat, acting as if he hadn't known that Cecil was there. "Oh! Hello, Cecil. I was just, uh, examining the soil beside this store. You see, my team of scientists and I have deducted that there's something... iffy about the ground here, and I was just collecting a sample so that I could continue researching it when I get home."
*Cecil's eyes lit up when he saw the scientist. He smiled softly and walked over to him. Who would have thought he would see Carlos here? Not Cecil, maybe the three figures watching them from across the street. "Hello Carlos!" He giggled softly as he heard what he said. "That sounds rather interesting. Is there anything I can help with..?" Wow, Cecil wanting to do science... He must be pretty desperate to talk to the other. Which he kind of was, even though he'd never admit it. To himself.*
*Carlos blushed lightly as Cecil approached him. He hadn't really expected that Cecil would walk over- well, he'd just thought that Cecil would just chat with him and then go about his business due to it being a Friday night and presumably the latter had plans of some sort or at least a nice night to do.. he didn't know what, but do something other than chat with him. "N-no thank you, there isn't really much I can do outside of the lab and therefore I'll have to wait until Monday in order to get anything actually done. But for now, I'll run what experiments I can do on this sample, maybe come back for some at a later period in time- or I might need some more soon, I don't know. Time is weird in Night Vale, as you know. Anyways, I appreciate the offer, Cecil. Please know that I'm not rejecting your help in particular- it's just that there isn't much I can do at home and therefore anyone else's help would be just as futile- not that you helping me or you in general is slash are useless, I'm not trying to imply that. In fact, I mean, um. I don't mean it in a negative way is what I mean. I'm just saying, scientifically speaking, this is more of a one man only job, if that makes sense. Did I mention that I appreciate your asking if you can help? Well um, in case I didn't, thank you again. It's greatly appreciated."*
Cecil: *Cecil let out a soft giggle. God, his voice sounded good with everything sound he made. Carlos was acting a bit odd, Which really meant something, coming from someone in Night Vale. He'd never heard Carlos ramble on about something useless like that. A natural, simple little, "No, I'm perfectly fine. " Would have been enough. It would be true, too. A scientist is always fine. Thats the second thing a scientist is. Cecil smiled at the other. "If you're sure..." Come on Cecil, say it...Say it, damnit.. "May I...Possibly..." Come on, Cece.. "W...W-Walk you home..?" Oh come on, Cecil. What the hell? Why did you stutter? You're trying to sound cool and not abnormal. Well, at least you were able to ask. He looked up at the other shyly, his hands playing with the ends of his coat.*
*Carlos offered Cecil a small, shy smile and nodded appreciatively. "Thank you for offering, that would be very... neat of you." Despite being rather embarrassed at the moment what with the whole bush and now Cecil scenario, Carlos just had to make that joke at some point. He wasn't really the kind of person to joke around often, but here and there the occasion did call for it. He crossed his fingers and hoped that the joke wouldn't backfire or embarrass either of them too much. Crap, he really had no clue what he was doing. Why was romance so hard in the first place? Carlos didn't know. He also wasn't a superstitious man, but he figured why not cross his fingers from where they were inside of his lab coat pockets anyways. It couldn't do any harm, right? Unless it did in fact do harm, in which case he was screwed and had no choice but to deal with the impending doom that was sure to follow.*
Cecil: *Cecil giggled softly again, his face tinting a soft pink. How cute, Carlos made a joke. Adorable. It was rare he did, and Cecil thought it was just the cutest thing. "Alright, shall we get going? Its dangerous to stand out in the middle of the night for too long.. Being outside and walking around at night is perfectly safe, but just standing is dangerous." He smiled awkwardly, wanting desperately to put his hand out for the other man to hold, but that would just be awkward, wouldnt it? Ugh, emotions. Why are they so difficult?!*
*"Right, yes. And anything can be dangerous, really. It just depends on how you use it or how long you look at it or if it even notices that you're there. The list of hypotheticals is endless, really. But yes, we should get going." Carlos smiled back just as awkwardly, taking his hands out of his pockets and beginning to walk in the direction of his home, making sure to walk at a slower pace so that he wouldn't ditch Cecil.*
*Cecil smiled softly, nodding a bit and following him at the same pace. He tried not to glance at Carlos every friggin five seconds, but it was so difficult not to. I mean, Hes perfect! How could someone not!? He tripped over his feet a few times, hoping the scientist wouldnt notice as he stared at the other, glancing ahead to look where he was going a few times*
Cecil: ((Kevin you should change your name on here to Kevin The Tart
Carlos: *Carlos occasionally would glance over at Cecil, silently hoping that the other wouldn't/didn't notice him doing so. He felt as if he should talk so that this wouldn't be awkward and cleared his throat softly. "So, um. Do you have any plans for this weekend, or..." Carlos trailed off, not knowing what else to mention in the question. Besides, by asking this question, he could potentially ask Cecil if he wanted to maybe spend some time together.*
*Cecil snapped up from his dream-filled haze, looking at the other, his face flushed softly as he shook his head. "Not really... Oh, I am going to go to the park and scream at that one tree by the parking lot for a while Sunday afternoon, but otherwise, No..You?" Smooth, Cecil. Real smooth.*
*Carlos shook his head as well. "I don't have any other plans besides doing some experiments at home and maybe I'll walk around Night Vale at a very fast pace and alarm the townspeople, I'm not sure yet."^
*Cecil went silent for a moment before slowly speaking, his voice full of shyness. "Do you...maybe....Want to....Uh...Do something...?"*
*Carlos jumped a little and looked over at him, a blush spreading over his face. "Y-yeah! I would, um.. I would love to."*
*Cecil gave a soft smile, looking away and nuzzling his hands into his pockets shyly* "So would I.." *His tattoos, or rather, birthmarks, seemed to glow a bit more at his embarrassment*
*Carlos looked away from Cecil as well, a blush on his face. "S-so, um... when would you like to... uh..."*
*The blonde's face was tinted a soft pink as he spoke, trying to force himself not to stutter, but of course it didnt work. The only thing anyone can force themselves to do is ignore a certain woman in their home who is missing a certain body part. "W-Whenevers o-okay with you...I-I know youll be b-busy with your science and what not..."*
*The brunette's own face was a light reddish color and he kept his gaze towards the ground. "Er... um... I-I can always make time for you, Cecil. Not in a literal sense, obviously, despite how incredibly odd time is around here, it hasn't been proven possible to create time as a physical thing that you can hold. At least not yet. But uh. You know what I mean, I hope."*
*Cecil blushed darker, looking away a bit, a bashful smile on his face. "I understand.....T...Th-thank you... " God he wanted to grab the other's hand so badly..He was just afraid of making it more awkward than it already was*
Carlos: *Carlos took his hands out of his lab coat pockets to brush his clammy palms against the coat, leaving them out of the pockets for now. He glanced over at Cecil with a somewhat hesitant and shy expression. "I.. It's no problem."*
Carlos the Scientist's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil nodded slowly, looking at the other with a shy smile. Suddenly, there was a sound down the street behind them. Probably just a cat, or maybe a gorilla, who really knows? It still freaked Cecil out, who gripped onto the other's hand tightly as he stopped in his tracks, eyes shooting behind him. "W...What was that..?"*
Carlos: *Carlos jumped a little as Cecil suddenly grabbed his hand BAM CECIL and blushed darkly. "I... I don't know, Cecil."
Carlos the Scientist's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.

Cecil Palmer: *Cecil let out a shaky breath, relaxing a bit and looking back at him, but his hand didnt let go of the other's. "I..Im sorry.."*
Carlos: *Carlos clears his throat before speaking. "N-no, it's okay. You didn't do anything- I mean, you didn't do anything wrong, that is."*
Carlos the Scientist's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil blushed a bit more, slowly nodding and smiling shyly. "I-I tend to get a little jumpy sometimes.."*
Carlos: *"Th-that's alright and perfectly understandable."*
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil blushed as he looked down at he and the other's hands..He'd been wanting to do this so it really wouldnt be too- Nope. He pulled his hand away quickly, blushing darker. "I-Im sorry..!" Nope nope nope nope nope.*
Carlos: *Carlos gave him a puzzled look, raising an eyebrow at Cecil. "Are you.. are you okay?"*
Carlos the Scientist's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil nodded slowly. "Y-...Yes...T-That I know of..I think..." Real, Real smooth, Cece.*
Carlos: *Carlos nodded back. "Th-that's good. I, uh.. I'm glad to hear that you're okay."*
Carlos the Scientist's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
Cecil Palmer: *He nodded slowly, before giving him a smirk. "Why are you stuttering, Carlos?"*
Carlos: *Carlos blushes brightly and splutters a few times. It's as if his brain stalled and he's speechless for at least thirty seconds. Once recovered (at least somewhat), Carlos attempted (and failed) to hide the stutter when he talked. "Wh-what are you talking about? Th-that's just... uh... that's just because the night is so gorgeous and it's taking my breath away! Literally, since the sky has been scientifically proven to be a breath stealer, this is a commonly known fact among scientists."*
*Cecil giggled, that god damn adorable giggle, and looked up at him, his face tinted a soft pink. "Oh, of course."*
*"Right, yes. Anyways, uhm... should we maybe keep walking? We've been standing in the same place for quite a bit now."*
*Cecil nodded quickly, slowly continuing to walk, his face flushed darkly with a soft smile on his face*
*Carlos walked alongside him, keeping his hands out of his pockets and accidentally brushing one hand against Cecil's.*
*Cecil blushed darkly, internally squealing as he slowly took the other's hand in his own again*
*Carlos blushed madly and glanced over at Cecil for a second, tentatively intertwining their fingers and giving his hand a small, gentle squeeze.*
*Cecil gave a soft smile, looking at him shyly. "Carlos.."*
*Carlos almost instantly looked back over at Cecil. "Y-yes?"*
*Cmon Cece, say it say it say it say it say it say it. "W-Well...I..."*
*Carlos continued to look at him, waiting for him to continue.*
*Cecil looked away, his face flushed. "Uh....I....I-Well...F-..For a while Ive....uh..."*
*Carlos kept his mouth shut so that he wouldn't interrupt the blond.*
*Come on Cecil come on Cecil come on Cecil come on Cecil come on Ce- "I-....I...I-I've liked y-you..f...for a ...l...long time...n-now.."*
*"...I-I was hoping that was the case," Carlos said in a softer tone than usual.*
*Cecil looked up at the scientist, his face flushed and all that was going through his head was Ohmygodpleasetellmehessayingwhatithinkhessayingohmygodohmygodohmygodsaboveyes. "..W..What do you mean by that?"*
*"W.. Well, I figured that it was either that or some explicit form of mockery, a-and I really hoped for the former. I, er.. I've heard about what you think of me.." Carlos admitted, blushing furiously.*
*He blushed darkly. "O-Oh..?" Oh, fucking duh. I mean its not like he talks about Carlos every fucking time hes on the air. Nooo Not at all.*
*"W-well yeah. Needless to say, um... I-I really, really like you, too."*
*Cecil stared at the other silently, before he quickly hugged onto him, smiling widely. Cecil fangirl moment*
*Carlos couldn't help but grin and hug him back just as tightly, resting his head on Cecil's shoulder.*
*Cecil sighed contently. "Oh Carlos.. Thank the gods above.."*
*"Thank science indeed." he mumbled softly, leaning against him.*
*He nuzzled him, smiling happily, his tattoos blinking as he clung to the other.*
*He nuzzled his shoulder gently, a wide grin spreading across his face.*
*"Carlos..?" Cecil muttered softly against his shoulder. "Have I ever told you how perfect your hair is..? Well, to your face at least?"*
*Carlos let out a soft giggle and shook his head gently. "I don't believe you have, Cecil. But this is the first time when I'll be able to say thank you for saying so."*
*Cecil smiled, petting the other's hair softly. "So soft...So soft and perfect.."*
*Carlos grinned and closed his eyes, relaxing as the blond stroked his hair. "That actually feels really... neat. I wasn't expecting that. "*
*Cecil giggled softly. "So cute.." He pressed a soft kiss to the other's cheek.*
*Carlos' face was a bright red by this point, but he had the happiest of smiles on his face. After a few seconds, he leaned up and pressed a gentle kiss to Cecil's cheek.*
*Cecil smiled like the dork he is, his face heating up as he hugged onto the other tightly. "So perfect.."*
*Carlos let out a soft, happy giggle and rested his head back onto Cecil's shoulder, embracing the other just as tightly.*
*"Carlos..." Cecil breathed out slowly. "Is there...any way we could be...more than friends now?"*
*"I.. I would love that, Cecil."*
*Cecil pressed a soft kiss to the other's nose, his face flushing a bit less as he became more comfortable*
*Carlos retaliated by gently kissing Cecil at the corner of his lips.*
Cecil blushed darkly, smiling wider and clinging to the other tightly. "oh..Carlos...~!"*
*Carlos blushed just as darkly, looking up at him. "I-I, um.. d-did I do something wrong?"*
*Cecil shook his head, smiling. "Oh, no, not at all! You're just as perfect as always!"*
*Carlos' face reddened and he grinned, breathing a small sigh of relief. "Th-that's good.. I thought I went too far and I should have asked first before, um.."*
*"Oh no, it was wonderful.." Cecil blushed a bit more, smiling softly and looking down*
*"Y-you really think so?" He looked at him with a hopeful expression.*
*The blonde nodded slowly, blushing more and looking at him with a soft smile*
*The brunette had a huge grin on his face, he couldn't help himself.*
*Cecil laughed, smiling widely. "Why are you so adorable?"*
*Carlos giggled softly and shrugged.*
*Cecil looked him in the eyes, blushing. "M-May I....uh.."*
*Carlos nodded before he could finish. "Y-yes, absolutely."*
*The blonde gave him a smile before shyly, slowly, pressing his lips to the other's*
*The brunette closed his eyes and gently kissed him back.*
*Cecil wrapped his arms around the other man's neck, his eyes (Along with the third) closed happily and contently*
*Carlos tentatively wrapped his arms around Cecil's mid back, both of his two eyes already being closed.*
*Cecil slowly broke the kiss, his eyes opening and looking into the scientist's*
*Carlos opened his eyes and looked back into the radio host's three eyes, a smile spreading across his lips once more. "That was.. that was amazing."*
*"I love you.." Cecil's eyes, only two this time, widened as he realized what he had said..*
"I love you too, Cecil."Carlos smiled.*
*Cecil blushed darker, looking at Carlos with a smile, kissing his lips again softly.*
*Carlos kissed back just as softly, closing his eyes once again.*
*Cecil slowly wrapped his arms around the other's neck again, pulling a bit closer*
*Carlos kept his arms around Cecil's mid back area and continued kissing him.*
*Cecil broke the kiss again, only to nuzzle up closer. He was cold, of course, shivering slightly, but he never wanting the embrace to cease. It was everything he day dreamed about during the breaks in the show. But of course, almost everyone knew that, since his thoughts her announced sometimes on Ebay.*
*Carlos couldn't have been happier than he was at that moment. Oh boy, did he have an onslaught of gentle teasing and prodding from his team of scientists or what. They always knew about Carlos' crush on Cecil- heck, they even ran some experiments on him when Carlos had originally denied it, despite always shushing them whenever Cecil's show began airing.*
*Cecil sighed, closing his eyes, all three, and resting his head in the other's shoulder. He couldnt wait to tell his listeners about this event the next night. It'll be awfully hard for him to focus on anything but his new boyfriend and-oohhh, just the sound of that. Boyfriend. Cecil's boyfriend. Cecil's boyfriend Carlos. Ah, how wonderful.*
*As for Carlos, he was actually looking forward to informing his team of scientists that something had happened between the two of them and therefore this would call for an immediate round of group experimentations (in other words, what scientists call gossiping about everything under the sun until there's either a big breakthrough in science or a catastrophe of some sort). In fact, he couldn't wait to start up that whole chain of discussion. It was always rather entertaining and interesting, despite how the team would stay up for days at a time and not let anyone in or out of the lab until either of the two aforementioned things occurred.*
*Cecil sighed softly, pulling away from the hug, because all good things need to be shot down and burned. "I think we should keep going.."*
*Carlos looked up at him and nodded. "Right, yes. We're, um. We're close to my apartment, actually."*
*Cecil nodded, his hands falling from the scientist's shoulders, one straying on his hand as he kept walking*
*Carlos took Cecil's hand as they walked and intertwined their fingers once again.*
*The blonde giggled, nuzzling his side and smiling, looking up at the night sky*
*Carlos grinned happily and looked up towards the sky and the blinking lights as well.*
*"Its so beautiful..." Cecil murmured, staring up at the lights*
*"I've always admired nighttime here in Night Vale. Everything seems to just glow and buzz with new scientific possibilities, new discoveries just awaiting someone to find them and acknowledge them to the world."*
*Cecil smiled, looking at the other. "I..I'm really glad you came here.."*
*Carlos looked at Cecil and smiled back. "I'm really glad that I came here, too."*
*Cecil kissed the other's cheek before continuing to walk, smiling happily*
*Carlos gave his hand a small squeeze before leaning over and kissing the other's cheek, smiling just as brightly.*
*Cecil smiled at the two got to Carlos' apartment, stopping in front of the building. "Well...This evening was eventful." He gave a soft giggle.*: *Carlos grinned at him and giggled as well, nodding in agreement. "It really has been quite eventful, yes."*
*The blonde smiled shyly at the other man. "I hope you have fun with your science stuff tonight." He pressed a soft kiss to the man's lips*
*"I promise I will. And I hope you have a safe walk back home." He pecked him on the lips for a few seconds before pulling away.*
*Cecil smiled, nodding. "I...I love you, Carlos, My perfectly imperfect scientist."*
Carlos: *Carlos giggled softly before speaking. "I love you too, my perfectly imperfect Cecil."*
Cecil Palmer: *The blonde smiled, quickly pecking the other's cheek, giving him one last tight hug before whispering "Goodnight Carlos.." He fought the urge to repeat the first part again and pulled away, waving and beginning to walk back, looking back at him shyly.*
Carlos: *The brunette stayed outside and waved at him, attempting to take his keys out from his pocket while looking at Cecil and dropping them.*
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil giggled softly and sighed almost dreamily at the other before turning away for the last time and, when he thought he was out of sight or ear shot (he wasnt), he squealed and did a small little dance, which looked almost like the one you do when you want to order a pizza.*
Carlos: *Carlos couldn't help but giggle to himself as he picked up his keys from the ground, standing back up and turning to go inside of his apartment building.*
Cecil Palmer: *As Cecil walked home, there were many things that would have normally scared him, but he didnt seem to notice this time. He was in a haze, a giddy little haze. As he got into his home, and was walking on air. Literally, for some reason he was floating in his living room. But he barely noticed.*
Carlos: *A few days later (it's now Monday), Carlos was busy at work with his team of scientists (he hadn't mentioned the night with Cecil yet since his fellow scientists were only just arriving and he may or may not have gotten there at least five hours early). He was just asked about his weekend when the radio came alive with a pop and Carlos practically sprinted over to it to raise the volume and pull up a chair beside it, shushing everyone in the room as he always did.*
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil seemed a bit more happy than usual as he began his show. He said the uncomfortably comforting phrase, as always, then began to speak. "Alright, Listeners..I have some news.." He let out a soft sigh. "I know I'm supposed to be telling you about the face-eating butterflies right now but...I just cant contain it! Do you all remember the scientist I've been talking about for the past few months? Perfect haired, dark skinned Carlos.. Well..A few nights ago... I ran into him on my way home. We talked for a while and one thing lead to another and..Well, Nightvale, I am the very proud boyfriend of the most perfectly imperfect scientist there is!"*
Carlos: *Upon hearing this, the team of scientists swarmed over to Carlos- scientists always hurry by moving in swarms, almost as if they're a swarm of locusts- and surrounded him, peppering with countless questions until he was red in the face and they were all blue in the face. There was a purple aura that surrounded the scientists as they worked, the laboratory noted and thought about, but Carlos didn't receive its message due to being overwhelmingly flustered by all of the attention (he should have been used to this by now, but wasn't).*
Cecil Palmer: *Cecil sighed, leaning on his desk. "It was beautiful, NightVale! The most beautiful night possible.. I hope he's listening now. If he is, if you are, Carlos, Hello! I love you, darling." He giggled softly, spinning around in his desk chair as he began to report the news, every once and a while giggling and commenting on something to do with Carlos.*
Carlos: *Of course, Cecil had to say this just as poor Carlos was just starting to calm down the other scientists so that they could get some work done. Hearing these words made them swarm around Carlos once more- however, they already were surrounding him, so they all just ran around in a circle with the brunette in the center of it and shouted questions at him.*
*Cecil smiled, relaxing himself a bit. "Honestly, Listeners... Carlos saved me..As much as I love this much as I love all of you..Its been a long, long time..Nothing new has happened.. Same thing every day. We get up, We scream, We eat breakfast, We scream, We go to work while screaming, then come home and laugh for 20 minutes before going to sleep.. Its the same thing every day.. But that one day, Oh, that fateful day that a group of scientists came to Nightvale... It changed my life completely. I'll need to thank them, every last one of them, for coming here. Also, guys, I know you're pestering Carlos, the Secret Police have informed me with a series of blinks and grunts. Let the poor, perfect, man be...But..Honestly..thank you. Thank you for making my life more than a void and a voice...And now, you lovely citizens.. The weather ... " For some reason, Cecil decided to play something a bit different for the weather today.. (Song: I Love Science!!)*
*Poor Carlos, in the mean time, was not successful in settling down his team of scientists. Instead of calming down and going back to work, they began running experiments on everything from Carlos to the front door to the radio from which the weather was playing until Carlos relented and agreed to tell them everything.*
*Cecil, while nodding along the the weather, was approached by a couple co-workers. Every last one of them asked him about Carlos, and, unlike Carlos, he was open and rather excited to tell everyone. He was never more proud of anything before this..Well, besides his town, of course. As the weather ended, Cecil took a break from talking about his new boyfriend, knowing he was getting pestered still. He explained a few more items of news and played over a few dying screams of chipmunks (Community News) and continued on with the show.*
*Carlos relented and told the other scientists everything after a while, the scientists cooing and buzzing to themselves with excitement and happiness for their co-worker. It took another half an hour before he was able to actually start doing his sciency things (which he wasn't too happy about, but he cheered up once he started working).*
*As the day turned to night, Cecil seemed to be rushing through the news. He covered everything, right? He could talk about his own things now, right? Yep. "..Nightvale... Carlos.. Thank you. For accepting me and loving me even if I'm different..than what you're used to. Thank you for loving this town.. Thank for you loving in the first place. Thank you, Nightvale, for having love in your hearts as well. Love is all we need to survive. Literally, If we stop loving we will explode." He paused for a moment, smiling. "And..As always... Goodnight..Nightvale..Goodnight... " As he was about to end the broadcast, he whispered into the mic quickly, "Bye Carlos~" and the station cut.*



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